Fast and Smart
Data Analytic Platform

Besides performance, BigObject Platform offers four overall values in analytic power, multi-model database, small footprint, and cost of ownership.


Analytic Power / Smart Query

BigObject can perform fast and smart queries with In-Data Computing technology where complex logics are pushed down into the database to achieve the optimal computing. It allows users to use simple query language to effortlessly attain the result. At the same time, users can also conduct domain specific searches and create domain specific terms with user-defined patterns. BigObject enables users to perform complex analytics while keeping their know-how in disguise.

Multi-Model Database

BigObject supports multi-faceted data models, relational model (i.e. tables), hierarchical model (i.e. trees) and key-value model (i.e. semi-structured data), which are mutually transformable. Depending on the applications' requirements, the users have the flexibility to select among those models.


Small Footprint

With only 4MB in footprint, we can enable data analytics in Raspberry Pi 2 with good performance.

Cost of Ownership

The overall cost of ownership for BigObject is low. It requires low resources (RAM and storage) and low cost per query.