BigObject Inc., an innovator in technology, specializes in live data management. We aim to empower everyone to turn data into actions.

AraliaTM, is now launched!! It changes the way people interact with data and enables equitable access to and utilization of data for all.


At the heart of our innovation is In-Data Computing, a technology designed to process large amounts of data efficiently. Our flagship product, BigObject®, embodies this core technology; it’s a time series database developed with the goal of high-speed storage and handling of massive data.


BONA is a comprehensive live data management and exploration platform that seamlessly breaks down data silos. It includes necessary tools to validate, cleanse, transform, display, and explore live data in real-time, ensuring corporate-wide data assets are always ready to use and easy to use.


STAI, or Spatial Temporal Artificial Intelligence, is designed with a unique awareness of both space and time. This ‘artificial mind’ can process complex events, recognizing and tracking every object in the real world. Moreover, it does this while ensuring each object remains anonymously identifiable, ensuring privacy and security.