BigObject® is a time series database developed with the goal of high-speed storage and analysis of massive data. It boasts excellent performance and powerful complex query capabilities. Extending the relational data structure to a time-series model structure, it utilizes In-Data Computing to optimize database’s performance.

BigObject’s core technology of In-Data Computing is an abstract model in which all data is kept in an infinite and persistent memory space for both storage and computing.

In-Data Computing is a data-centric approach, where data is computed in the same space it is stored. Instead of moving data to the code, code is moved to the data space for processing.

With today’s 64-bit architecture and virtualization technology and BigObject's In-Data Computing technology, our solutions depict a persistent and nearly infinite memory space for live data, and outperform other solutions with less hardware resource requirement.

We revolutionize processing by moving computing to data, not the other way around, boosting speeds by 2 to 3 orders of magnitude!
  • Fast analytics for time series data (100x-1000x)
  • Fast data injection (> half million records per second)
  • SQL-Like and Beyond
  • Small footprint
  • Small data size (1/3-1/5)
  • High compression rate (1/7-1/10)
  • Multi-models for application acceleration