Harnessing the Power of “Live Data”

“Live data” is like a never-ending stream. It's continuous, rarely altered, and time-critical. IoT sensors are a great example of where we see live. Live data is more valuable when it's up-to-the-minute and fresh. To make the most of live data, we must be quick. We must gather, organize, manage, and use it right away, so we always have a stream of clean, ready-to-use data at our fingertips.

Empowering Businesses with Our Data Solutions – BONA

Specializing in "Live Data", BigObject has a profound understanding of data engineering. Our robust data platforms enable businesses to efficiently process and manage vast amounts of IoT data. Our high-performance database engine, BigObject®, incorporates our revolutionary, patented technologies. Moreover, our expertise extends to developing Data Quality Frameworks, where we provide customized data quality metrics for our clients.
BONA, our live data management and exploration platform, breaks data silos and processes continuous data at high speed, making corporate-wide data assets readily available.

Redefine Your Data Journey with BigObject

In today’s data-driven landscape, having a flexible and reliable data management system is paramount. BONA offers a blend of user-friendly features with deep technical capabilities. Whether you're seeking a simplified data management workflow or an advanced data exploration, BONA delivers on all fronts.

Know What vs Know Why
Stagnant vs Track & Trace
Restricted Viewvs Panoramic View
Process and calculate
100 million records
2 billion records
Save maintenance fee
Save time in
data preparation
Errors in Data Processing
Data exploration and analysis
Improve decision-making efficiency